Thursday, February 21, 2013

Twitter and Me

When I first got a Twitter in high school I really didn't know what it was let alone how to use it. I only got one because my friends pressured me into it. They all had one so i figured i'd get one so i wasn't left out. It was a whole different social network than what I was used to. I eventually figured it all out but little did I know there was still alot more that Twitter had to offer. Until this class I was only using Twitter to tweet, talk to friends, and see what my friends were doing. Now I have a whole new perspective on Twitter. I never knew what Tweetdeck was but now i use it all the time because it keeps everything organized and less confusing. I also use it to follow teachers and other educators to see how they use Twitter. In class we had a test where we had to discuss the answers with our group through twitter. I never realized how to get a chat group on twitter. The classroom activity was really fun and also a good example of how you can use Twitter in a classroom. Also I would appreciate it if you  followed me. @Mr_Nevill

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Final Frontier

Teachers have technology all around them and in this article it explains how they really don't have any excuse not to use it. Teachers have all kinds of technology at their fingertips but for some reason many teachers choose not to use it. Most teachers use some sort of technology some way or another but they alot of them don't know how to apply it to their classroom. The article talks somewhat about how the teachers should be more creative in using technology because it could really help with the learning process.

The article also talks about other reasons why the teachers don't use technology. It states that some teachers believe that using technology doesn't make teaching easier and some even think it makes it harder. Therefore if they believe that it won't help then they're not going to give very much effort to use it. Some teachers just don't know how to really use the technology they have to its full capabilities. That is why teachers need to take classes to help them learn how to use technology to their benefit.

In my opinion teachers should use technology more in the classroom. I believe that it helps teachers do their job better and it helps students learn more efficiently. Although this is my opinion it may not be everyone's. That's exactly how it works in school districts. Not every teacher has the same opinion therefore they canuse technology however much they want.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

All About Me

My name is Michael Nevill and I am a Freshman. I went to New Brighton High School in Beaver County. I play football here at Edinboro. I am a linebacker but I was redshirted because I injured my shoulder. In November i had to have surgery on it. They put four screws in it and i am still in recovery. I am a Secondary Math Education major. My hobbies are playing Xbox and solving Rubik's Cubes. I like it here at Edinboro University and I plan to continue my education here for the next four years.
The idea of using technology in learning excites me. This generation uses technology for almost everything and it will be easy to catch on to. Technology makes everything easier especially in learning because you can take notes, write papers, and find information alot faster than you could without technology. I also agree with using technology in teaching. Technology makes it easier for the teachers and the students. Smartboards, computers, and projectors are all things that make it easier on a teacher. It also helps because without technology you wouldnt be able to contact your teacher outside the classrom.
I believe their should should be a mutual respect between a teacher and their students. You should give the same respect to your students as they give you. If they treat you with respect then they should be rewarded not by less or easier work but by giving them more help. If they make an effort to get extra help then they will get it but if they slack off and skip class then the teacher shouldn't even bother.