Thursday, February 21, 2013

Twitter and Me

When I first got a Twitter in high school I really didn't know what it was let alone how to use it. I only got one because my friends pressured me into it. They all had one so i figured i'd get one so i wasn't left out. It was a whole different social network than what I was used to. I eventually figured it all out but little did I know there was still alot more that Twitter had to offer. Until this class I was only using Twitter to tweet, talk to friends, and see what my friends were doing. Now I have a whole new perspective on Twitter. I never knew what Tweetdeck was but now i use it all the time because it keeps everything organized and less confusing. I also use it to follow teachers and other educators to see how they use Twitter. In class we had a test where we had to discuss the answers with our group through twitter. I never realized how to get a chat group on twitter. The classroom activity was really fun and also a good example of how you can use Twitter in a classroom. Also I would appreciate it if you  followed me. @Mr_Nevill

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